Radley Youth F.C Players Code of Conduct
Radley Youth F.C Managers Code of Conduct
Radley Youth F.C. Safeguarding Children Policy
Radley Youth F.C. Anti-Bullying Policy
Radley Youth F.C Parents/Supporters Code of Conduct
Radley Youth F.C Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities Policy
Radley Youth F.C Equal Oppurtunities policy

Radley Youth F.C.

Managers Code Of Conduct


All managers should :-


  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of each and every person and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
  2. Place the wellbeing and safety of each player above all other considerations, including the development of performance.
  3. Adhere to all guidelines laid down by governing bodies and Radley Youth F.C.
  4. Not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  5. Encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  6. Ensure that the activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of their players.
  7. Always set a good example with regards to fair play and must never condone violations of the laws of the game, behaviour contrary to the spirit of the game or relevant rules and regulations.
  8. Consistently display high standards of behaviour and set good examples to uphold the reputation of Radley F.C.
  9. Not use or tolerate inappropriate language of any description.
  10. Not use or tolerate any racial abuse or remarks towards any other player, official or supporter.
  11. Always arrive on time.
  12. Praise effort and performance above results.
  13. Always show due respect to the oppositions players, manager and supporters.
  14. Always show due respect to the match officials and shake hands with and thank them for their time.
  15. Adhere to the Club’s child protection policies and standards.
  16. Ensure that the pavilion and changing rooms are left in a clean and tidy condition and that the goalposts etc. are put away correctly.
  17. Ensure, whenever possible, they attend the monthly committee meeting.
  18. Ensure that all their players understand and follow the Radley Youth F.C players code of conduct.
  19. Ensure that they follow the Radley Youth F.C managers code of conduct.






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