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Radley Youth F.C.

Parents / Supporters Code Of Conduct


All  Parents / Supporters should :-


1.        Make sure their child is enjoying their football and is not being forced to participate.

2.        Always encourage their child to play by the laws and spirit of the game.

3.        Support and respect the decisions of the match officials both during and after the game and insist that their child does the same.

4.         Display good sportsmanship at all times and always promote fair play.

5.        Not put unnecessary pressure on any child especially in matches.

6.        Always encourage, never be negative.

7.        Avoid using inappropriate language.

8.        Avoid any racial abuse or remarks towards any players, officials or supporters.

9.        Applaud the opposition as well as your own team.

10.     Respect and support the managers who have given up their time for your children. 

        Accept their decisions and never criticise them in fron of the children.

        However, if you have a point to make feel free to speak to the manager privately.

11.     Make sure their child arrives on time for training and games.

12.     Make sure their child has the correct kit and equipment for training and games.

13.     Make sure they inform the manager of any injures or illnesses their child may have.

14.     Make sure any membership fees are paid promptly.

15.     Ask themselves how they can help the manager and club. Each team needs help to erect and take down the goals.

        Each game requires referees and linesman. Please donít put the manager in the awkward position of having to  ask

        for help each week. Please volunteer your help.

16.     Ensure that their child understands and follows the Radley Youth F.C players code of conduct.

17.     Ensure that they follow the Radley Youth F.C Parents / Supporters code of conduct.


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